What is mouse interface? technology and types of Serial mouse

What is mouse interface? The medium that provides a connection between a computer and a mouse is the mouse interface. It includes related software, computer port, and the connector of the mouse. In order to establish contacts, it is necessary that both of them understand the information presented by each other, so in Computer Architectural Design, special attention is given to keeping the interfaces clear and correct.

What is mouse interface of computer

The computer mouse interface also changed over time. Serial Mouse interface and PS / 2 Mouse interface used to be in old age computers. But now the USB interface is more useful in the new computer, as well as the interface with wireless technology, has also become popular.

There are many more interfaces in the computer along with the mouse interface. such as hardware interface, software interface, user interface, etc. The hardware interface has a keyboard and mouse interface, printer interface, etc. The interface between the computer and the user is known as the user interface. By which the user use a computer system. This includes a web browser, Windows file manager, etc.

Types of Mouse Interface

As technology progressed, many different interfaces of the mouse were developed over time. Some specific interfaces of the mouse are as follows:

What is Serial mouse interface?

It is one of the oldest commercial mouse and the oldest type of mouse on this list. It is still not used. The serial mouse is also known as cold-pluggable. This means that one should connect with the PC only when the computer is switched off.

It has a serial connector (a DE-9F D-subminiature) that connects to the computer via a free serial port. This is a typically corded-type mouse that takes power from the power serial port to operate.

What is PS / 2 Mouse interface?

The PS / 2 mouse is the upper version of the serial mouse. It has a 6-pin mini-DIN connector through which it is connected to the Computer System. It was introduced in 1987 along with IBM Personal System / Personal Computer Key 2. This mouse takes power from the motherboard to operate. It is also a cold-pluggable mouse.

What is USB Mouse interface?

A USB mouse is a USB interface mouse that is connected to a computer or laptop via a free USB port. Nowadays a mouse with more USB interface is used. These mouse are available in both corded or cordless/wireless forms. These are hot-pluggable, in Serial and PS / 2 counterpart. You can also use this mouse in the running condition of the computer.

What is wireless mouse interface?

Wireless mouse transmits data via infrared radiation or Bluetooth. Here a serial or USB port is used to connect the receiver with the computer, or a built-in part such as Bluetooth.

Modern non-Bluetooth wireless mouse nowadays uses USB receivers. While in some they can be stored safely within the mouse, there are also "Nano" receivers, which are designed in such a way that is so small that they are always connected to your laptop or system.

These are the very latest variety of mouse that does not need cable to connect. These wireless mouse take power from batteries which are AA type.

Conclusion: To use the mouse properly, it is necessary to have knowledge about the mouse interface. In the absence of information, selecting the wrong interface can cause a malfunction in our mouse or computer system.

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