What is Mathematics? | Importance of mathematics

We get to know “what is mathematics” when we enter our studies in childhood. As a matter of fact, mathematics is present in every moment of our lives. When a child starts studying 0, 1, 2 for the first time, his basic mathematics education begins. While studying in school, many children find the mathematics subject very difficult.

Actually, math is not so difficult. Due to not knowing it properly, it remains a difficult subject for us. If we deal with mathematics well, then there is nothing easier than this. In whose example I am myself. I found mathematics very difficult in the initial days, but when I tried to understand it and understood it, it became my favorite subject.

 What is Mathematics

Everyone, whether it is a child or a parent, knows that mathematics is a subject in which the child should be good because this subject gives the foundation to pursue many professional courses later. It is impossible to do many courses without mathematics. So, I am going to tell you what is the importance of mathematics.

It is the only subject in which it is possible to score 100%. What is mathematics, how should it be studied? This question will be in everyone's mind, in this article we know what mathematics is and how it should be studied.

What is mathematics?

Mathematics is a science that deals with the logic of number, size, quantity, and arrangement. Mathematics is all around us in everything we do. In our everyday lives, mathematics is present in everything, as when building a house, It is used from maps to every block.

In our everyday lives, we have always used it's from simple to large devices, architecture, money, engineering, and even sports.

When we look at history the mathematical discovery has been at the forefront of every society since the beginning of human civilization. Its use has also been seen in early cultures. Mathematics is required based on the will of society. The more complex a society is the more complex mathematical needs are.

In the early days, people used to small stone and hand fingers for counting. The older tribal people calculate anything from the position of the sun and stars.

Definition of Mathematics

The study of numbers, shapes, quantities, and patterns is called mathematics. The word mathematics is derived from the Greek word "μάθημα" (máthema), meaning "science, knowledge or learning". It is also known as Math.

History of mathematics

Many civilizations such as China, India, Egypt, Central America and Mesopotamia have contributed greatly to the development of mathematics as we know Sumerians were the first people to develop counting systems. Mathematicians developed econometric under which some basic operations such as multiplication, fractionation, and square root are included.

History of mathematics

The system developed by the Sumerians passed through the Acadian Empire and reached the Babylonian people after 600 years in about 300 BC. 600 years later, the Mayans developed and expanded the calendar system, thus becoming a very skilled astrophysicist. It was around that time that the concept of zero also developed.

As civilization developed mathematicians began to work with geometry that calculates area and volume for angular measurement and has many practical uses. Geometry is used in everything from home construction to fashion and interior design.

Geometry itself joined hands with the algebra; the algebra was invented in the ninth century by Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, a Persian mathematician. He developed a quick method for multiplying and dividing numbers called algorithms.

Algebra offered civilizations a way to divide heritage and allocate resources. The study of algebra meant that mathematicians were solving quadratics along with linear equations and systems, and also doing positive and negative solutions.

In ancient times, mathematicians started looking at the number system. Number theory is used everywhere in the construction of a figure, with its beginning in number.

Branches of Mathematics

Before the beginning of the modern era, the study of mathematics was very limited. But as time progressed, Its developed into a more elaborate subject. If considered right, there is no end to it. Its development is still going on continuously and its huge contribution is also increasing in the areas of technology. This is the reason why mathematics is known as the queen of science.

Many new areas have developed with the basis of mathematics, from the initial number system to the modern research areas of computational science and probability. With the spread of the scope and use of the subject, various branches of mathematics have been divided which are really needed and still continue.

Mathematics is mainly divided into the following Branches.


It is the oldest and most elementary branch of mathematics. In this branch of mathematics, numbers and basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. are studied.


This is the second main branch of mathematics. In this, we use unknown quantities along with numbers. We represent these unknown quantities with some letters of the English alphabet such as X, Y, Z, A, B etc. or by symbols. With the help of these letters, we formulate formulas and rules in common; apart from this we also make an unknown quantity calculation.


It is the most practical branch of mathematics which is associated with shapes and their property size. Basic elements of geometry are point, line and angle, solid and surface, etc. In this, we read about the resolution of the problem related to length, width, and height of various shapes.


Consists of two Greek words ‘Trigon’ and ‘Matron’. Trigon means Triangle and Matron means Measure. That is, to measure a triangle. In trigonometry, we study the relationship between a triangle's and their sides.


It is that branch of mathematics in which the rate of change of various quantities is studied. Calculus is used as the basis for analyzing.

Importance of mathematics

It has been an important role in our lives. In simple word there is no moment in our life that does not have the roles of mathematics. When sleep opens, first of all, we check our time and see how long it has been. What is this? The time we are watching. This is also mathematics, we understand the numbers we are reading and doing some work accordingly, it is possible only because of mathematics.

From the morning till the time of going to bed, follow the daily routine, and spend your life according to the time. Whether you want to have breakfast, go to your job, then come back to focus on fitness, have dinner , or sleep, everywhere we are surrounded by numbers. Here, to know the importance of mathematics, we will consider some points.

Mathematics makes the brain sharp

According to research conducted by Dr. Tania E. Want of Stanford University, children are able to use some areas of their brains more reliably by learning mathematics. And the amount of gray matter in their brain is more than those who do more poorly in mathematics. Children who perform well have good knowledge of mathematics and their brain is also very sharp. Such children can solve the questions related to looking at the images carefully, remembering them, and making decisions very well. This study shows that the area of ​​the brain that helps in learning mathematics is also important in decision making and alert work.

Improves problem solving skills

Helps us think analytically and improve us logically. Analyze thinking refers to the ability to think critically about our surroundings. Logic is our ability to think logically about a situation. Analytical and logical skills are important because they help us find solutions and solve problems.

Mathematics tells us about time

It teaches us to move over time. If time is not known, we will not be able to do any work properly. Because we fix work for a certain time beforehand and then wait till that time and when the time comes then we reach there again. So basically we use the number to know the time. 

Helps to grow financially

Math helps us achieve financial prosperity through trade. It is important to have a good knowledge of mathematics to be a good businessman. It can be helpful in balancing your budget because you will have a good understanding of how to ensure that your costs are less than the money you have. For example, balancing a bank account is an important task that requires mathematics to reduce the balance. People who understand and know Its are less likely to go into debt because they know how much money they have.

Conclusion: Math play important role in our life. Mathematics gives an elementary approach to ideas and methods which make our life easier. 

In the end

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