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While using the computer, we use the mouse to open or move a file, but do you know what is mouse and how it is used. If you are on the computer then you must be using some pointing device or you are doing your work through your touch mouse on the laptop. You may have used a lot of mice, but do you know how the mouse works on the computer?

Different devices in computer system like monitor, keyboard, speaker, etc. all have their own work. Just like the mouse also has an important role in the computer system, even if all the equipment is there and if there is no pointing device in our system, then running the computer becomes very difficult, because the task of controlling everything on the PC screen is doing by the mice. For this reason, if we have some information about it before purchasing the pointing device, then we can choose a special type of pointing device for us.

What is mouse and how it works?

Our daily work has become very easy due to technology. We are doing a lot of our work through a computer. In order to use the computer in the same way, it is very necessary to have knowledge about the accessories associated with it. There are many types of input devices, of which a pointing device is also the most important equipment. In this post, we will discuss what is mouse, its type, style of working, and other topics related to it. So let's get started and know what is mouse and how a Pointing Device works?

What is mouse?

The mouse is an important input device of the computer system. It is also known as a pointing device. It is used to interact with the computer. This is especially used to select different items on the PC screen, open different files or folders, close them, learn about them, and make changes to them.

The user uses Pointing device to instruct his computer to do various tasks. Which we call as input in computer language. We also use this to point, select, click, drag, drop and scroll, etc. on the display screen. There are many companies making Computer mouse. Every company has different models and designs which have different features and connectivity, but almost all models have a scroll wheel and two mouse buttons.

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What is the full form of the mouse?

The full form of the mouse is as follows

M: Manually

O: Operated

U: Utility For

S: Selecting

E: Equipment

Is "mouse" an acronym?

As we told you, the full form of the mouse is a "manually operated user-selected device". But when Douglas Engelbert invented the mouse, he called it a mouse because the device was rodent-like. Later, a lot of writers and some companies wrote their full form of mouse according to their own calculation.

Mouse definition

The pointing device used to give commands to the computer easily with the selection of existing Icon on the computer screen, opening various files or folders, closing them, knowing about them, and changing their location is called Mouse. This is used by computer users placing on the desk surface.

Different names of mouse

We also know the mouse as the pointing device. While moving the pointing device to the desk surface, a cursor moves across our PC screen, known as the pointer or cursor.

Who is the father of computer mouse?

The mouse was invented in 1963 by Douglas Engelbart, who worked at Xerox PARC. Initially, it was called the X-Y Position Indicator, which was used by the Display System. In a very short time, the mice became very famous and people started using it as a pointing device on all computers.

Part of a computer mouse

The design of the mouse that we use on our PC varies according to the company. But despite the difference in design, the pointing device part is almost the same. This species has a Left mouse button, Right mouse button, Central Wheel button, a Connecting Wire, and a body of mice.

The left button of the mice is used to open or close the different files, folders, etc. The Right button is used for special operations like right-clicking, viewing a property, shortcut or popping up the context menu, etc. The wheel button is in the middle of the pointing device which is used to scroll down or up the screen. Some company's pointing device also has special buttons. This is used for Internet navigation and other specific functions.

Different Function of Mouse

The function of the pointing device is also different according to the mouse interface and interface of different software. Here I have tried to give information about some common functions of the mouse. So that you will be easy to use the mouse.

1. Moving the cursor - When we move the pointing device connected to the computer system, the Cursor of the mice on the PC Screen also moves here and there. This is one of the primary functions of the pointing device. The task of which is to move the mice cursor into the screen.

2. Using open or execute a program - A pointing device, you can open or execute icon, file, folder, or any other program on the computer screen. In particular, the left click button on an icon is opened twice and the right-click button is closed once.

3. Select - Both Left and Right Button are used to select or highlight text, file, folder, etc. according to the requirement. After selecting, we can apply a function like Copy, Cut, or Paste.

4. Drag-and-drop - You can easily drag-and-drop from one place to another by pressing the mouse button on an icon, file, or folder.

5. Hover - Often when we move the mice cursor over an icon, file, or folder, the information related to it appears in a pop-up called hover. The word Hover is quite popular in the web world as well. When the mice cursor goes over a web link, the color of that link changes. Which happens because of Hover.

6. Scroll - Using the wheel between the two buttons of the pointing device, you can scroll down to see the big document completely.

Types of Mouse

Depending on the technology of the mouse, different types of mouse are available in the market; all have some different technology which differentiates each other in their function. These are some types of mouse.

Corded mouse

A corded mouse is directly connected to a computer system with a cable (serial, PS / 2, or USB). It takes power for its operation from the same port to which it is connected; there is no need for external batteries. There is more accuracy in these types of mouse.

Cordless / Wireless Mouse

A cordless or wireless mouse is connected to the PC system by wireless technology such as Bluetooth or Infrared. Batteries are required to operate this mice. This is very good for those places where you have problems with cord or cable, such as while traveling.

Mechanical mouse

The mechanical mouse consists of a ball and a number of rollers, which serves to track the movement. It is also known as a ball mouse.

This type of mouse is typically of corded variety and is not as popular as optical mouse. Its performance is very high but it needs special cleaning from time to time.

Optical mouse

An optical mouse uses optical electronics to track the mouse’s position and movement. They are also called standard mechanical mice as they are more reliable than others and require less maintenance. But their performance depends on the type of surface on which they are operated.

How to change the left and right mouse buttons.

You can change the mouse button according to your requirement. The configuration of mouse buttons is especially for right-handed users. If you want, you can change the left and right mouse buttons by following the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Control Panel.

Step 2: Search mouse in the search bar.

Step 3: Click on Change Mouse Setting.

Step 4: In Button Tab Click on Button Configuration and arrange according to your requirement

Conclusion: The Pointing device is a very essential part of the computer system, without a pointing device it is very difficult to operate the PC.

I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about what is mouse and how does it worked, As well as different parts and functions of the mice. If you have any confusion please comment. I request all of you readers to share this information on different social media so that our awareness will be there and it will benefit everyone. I need your help so that I can convey more new information to you. Please subscribe to our website.

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