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Today, the Internet has become a word spoken by almost everyone.  Do you know what is the internet and Why so populer. Many of us use various social media platforms. Everyday we visit many websites, Is it possible without internet.
Internet is used in every country of the world. Over 4.57 billion people are using the Internet worldwide. Due to internet, today the world has been transformed into a small village. We can easily exchange information in any corner of the world wherever you are.
In this article, we will know in detail how to do what is the Internet, How and When it was invented, its importance, uses, etc.

What is the internet

The Internet is a global network or group of computers that uses the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to communicate between networks and devices. This has been developed under computer electronic technology in which all computer related devices can communicate with each other from around the world and exchange information.

It is also called a network of networks, that consists of private, public, academic, business, and government networks. All these networks are connected from local to global scope with a wide array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies.

What is the Internet
What is the Internet

Simple definition of the Internet

The Internet is a global network or group of computers that communicate between the network and devices via the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP / IP).

History of the internet

If talking about the history of the Internet, beginning with research conducted in the 1960s by the United States Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) for the time-sharing of computers. CThen research on packet switching, and packet switching to be included in the proposed design for ARPANET and other packets in 1967, CV networks such as NPL networks, merit networks and CYCLADES which developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s Were done.

Development of ARPANET then began with two network nodes, and then it was limited to four universities: UCLA, UCSB, Stanford Research Institute and University of Utah. The Internet was conceived during the Cold War to provide a reliable way to exchange information anywhere. Followed by the Utah Graphics Department. Fifteen sites were associated with the young ARPANET by the end of 1971, in an indication of future development.

history of internet
history of internet
The information and research needs of the US Army, in 1973, the US Advanced Research Projects Agency started a program. The purpose of that program was to create a network in which different types of technology and technology could be connected to each other by computers. With the help of which the communication basics can be seen and read through the network on multiple computers at the same time. It was named 'Internet Project' which later came to be known as 'Internet'. in 1982 the TCP-IP standard was set.
Today, 'NSFnet', established as the backbone of communication services on the Internet, was developed in 1986 by the US 'National Science Foundation'. With a 45-megabyte communication facility in a second, NSFNet was able to exchange twelve billion information packets on network in a month.

In the past, the Internet was limited to scientists, engineers, and professors. Internet was fully commercialized in 1995. After that, new technology related to the Internet was widely developed. Government agencies, industries and educational communities of various countries started using it.

Types of Internet Connections

There are many types of internet connections depending on the device used, speed and medium. Some famous and used types of internet connections are here

Dial-Up Internet connection

A dial-up Internet connection is an Internet access in which a number is dialed over a conventional telephone line using the facilities of a public switched telephone network (PSTN) to establish an Internet connection with Internet Service Provider (ISP). Dial-up internet connection is cheap but slow. A modem is used between the computer and the telephone line to convert the signal. Due to the variability of telephone lines in quality, the connection is sometimes damaged. we can get just 28K to 56K speed on Dial-Up connection.

DSL Internet Connection

The full form of DSL is Digital Subscriber Line. It is using 2 lines so that the phone is not tied when connected to your computer and the internet connection is always "on". There is also no need to dial any phone number to connect.  DSL Internet connection uses a router to transport data and the range of connection speed, we can get between 128K to 8 Mbps speed depending on the service offered.

Cable Internet Connection

Cable Internet connection is a form of broadband Internet access which uses the same infrastructure as a cable television. Cable provides a high speed internet connection through a cable modem, it's operates over cable TV lines. Cable internet connection is the best option for you if you do moderate file sharing, web browsing and online backup. It is also an efficient connection for VoIP services and HD audio streaming. You feel the best use of internet when you use a cable internet connection. Speeds range of cable is from 512K to 20 Mbps, using internet explorer and other browser you can test internet speed.

Wireless Internet connection

Today we are all well acquainted with Wi-Fi, wifi full form is wireless frequency. This means that the connection is established only through radio frequency without any cables or wires. WiFi connection can be established using WiFi router, users connect via WiFi password. Speeds range of Wi-Fi is 5 Mbps to 20 Mbps.

Satellite Internet Connection.

Satellite is an object that is deliberately placed in orbit and that revolves around a large object.

Satellite placed in orbit for different propose and it's needs internet connection to communicate and share data to their station. Satellite Internet connection is established via a signal using communications satellites and computers. Speeds are around 512K to 2.0 Mbps.

Cellular Internet Connection. 

Various mobile service providers provide broadband internet service through cellular technology. The Internet can be accessed using a subscriber identification module (SIM) card in a portable modem or cell phone and access the service on more than one device.
The speed of cellular internet connection depends on their technology like 3G, 4G. A 3G means that the third generation cellular network achieves a mobile speed of around 2.0 Mbps. 4G achieves an extreme speed of 100 Mbps but the reality is currently around 21 Mbps.

Importance of the Internet

The Internet has provided many opportunities for many people around the world. It is an expression of never ending innovation and creativity. There is no limit to it, but every country has brought huge economic possibilities for the people. The Internet allows people to improve the quality of their lives. This opens up access to previously inaccessible things.

Today, millions of people all over the world have chosen internet for their education, business and employment. With about 4.57 billion users, the Internet is emerging as one of the most important tools of communication. Everyday new opportunities are born on the internet.

The role of the Internet as a communication tool is increasing day by day. Given this fact, the United Nations recently proposed that access to Internet services should be a part of human rights. The Internet has affected almost every aspect of human life, not only private life but also public services. Right now, no one can prevent other individuals from making their private lives public.

Advantages of the Internet

Today, the Internet has become an integral part of our lives. When we eat, drink and wake up, we want to be connected to the internet all the time. Be it office or home or school, college, internet usage is increasing day by day. There are so many advantages of internet connection. some are here

  • ·        Research, Information, knowledge, and learning
  • ·        Entertainment, online gaming
  • ·        Address, mapping, and contact information
  • ·        Communication, connectivity and sharing
  • ·        Banking, bills, and shopping
  • ·        Selling and making money
  • ·        Collaboration, work from home, and access to a global form
  • ·        Donations and funding

Disadvantages of the Internet

While there are many advantages of internet, there are also some disadvantages due to its misuse. These are some disadvantages of internet.

  • ·        Bullying, trolls, stalkers, and cyber crime
  • ·        Pornographic and violent content
  • ·        Internet addiction, time waster and causes distractions
  • ·        Depression, loneliness, and social isolation.
  • ·        Identity theft, digital hacking and cheating
  • ·        Viruses, spam and advertising
  • ·        Affects focus and patience
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