google play store app install for pc and laptop free

Are you searching for Google Play Store app install? Do you know about google play store? If not, we will teach you how to download and install google play store app in 2020.

Google Play is a Google store that gives you a place to find, enjoy and share apps, movies, music and books anywhere on the web and Android devices.

google play store app install for pc

Step by step process of installing Google Play Store app for PC / Laptop.

The Google Play Store is constantly updated if you stay connected to the Internet, but sometimes for various reasons it takes weeks or even longer for some people to get the play store update. Basic functionality never changes even when not updated. But if you get the google play store app install free as well as updates, why not get the latest and greatest version.

Step 1: Check the current version on your device

First of all, check the current version on your device. Also, check your device to find out which version is right for your device to download the latest version of Google Play Store.

The current version can be checked as follows:

  • ·        Open your Google Play Store app.
  • ·        Tap on settings.
  • ·        Scroll down. You'll find the "Play Store Edition"

·        Open the device settings and check your Windows version, RAM, processor etc. and download the latest version of Google Play Store accordingly.

google play store app install for pc
google play store app install for pc

Step 2: Download from Google Play Store APKMirror

The Google Play Store app comes in APK format just like any other Android app. You can download the APK from reliable websites and technical blogs suitable for your device. If you search on Google by typing how do i download play store app, you will find a lot of web links, but APKMirer is the most reliable bet to install Google Play Store app.

You can download the google play store app directly by playing the website of APKMirror directly on your browser. Or click on the link below for convenience.

playHYPERLINK "" store direct download

Step 3: Deal with your device's security permissions

Especially when you download and install some apps from google play store or other unknown source, the setting stays a part of Android for ages which prevents you from installing the app. Go to the settings of your device and allow install permission for unknown source and then install it.

google play store app install
google play store app install

Google play store app install for pc or laptop

Do you want to download and install google play store app for pc? Many of us want to take all the benefits of smartphones on computers, but computers use a variety of softwares such as Windows, Linux, or MacOS that do not allow the Play Store to use them.

But with the help of some software, you can download Play Store for PC very easily and can access millions of Android apps from computer or laptop. To install the world's largest application store on a computer or laptop you need to install emulators that give the computer the ability to develop the functions of an Android smartphone. All the methods available for downloading and installing it are as follows. If you want to see a video tutorial so please click on google playstore app for pc install free.

Step 1: Install an emulator

There are lots of Android emulators available on the internet which are suitable for installing Google Play Store on PC for free. Some popular emulators are Nox Player, Bluestacks and Andyroid. I am using Nox player, so I will request you to use it. But you can choose the emulator as you wish and then download and install it.

  • ·        Go to your brouser
  • ·        Brouse google
  • ·        type Nox Player and search it
  • ·        click on official link of Nox player
  • ·        click on download
  • ·        after saving run it and install completely

Login with your Gmail ID and password and by searching on Play Store you can install various Android apps.

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