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What is Fedora Operating System?

Fedora is a general-purpose collection of software developed by the community-supported Fedora Project. It is primarily sponsored by IBM's subsidiary Red Hat, a Linux kernel-based software built with additional support from other companies.

The Fedora Project is a community of people which works together to create a free and open source software platform.

fedora operating system

Fedora 32, launched on April 28, 2020. Right now software is available: Fedora Workstation for Personal Computer, Fedora Server for Server, CoreOS for Cloud Computing, Fedora SilverBlue for immutable desktop and IoT for IoT devices.

As of now, Fedora has an estimated 1.7 million users, including famous people such as Linus Torvalds. You must know Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel. In 2008, Torvalds stated that it had fairly good support for the PowerPC processor architecture, so they used Fedora.

The main objectives of Fedora are to incorporate distributed software under a free and open source license, as well as being on the leading edge of technologies. Fedora developers quickly integrate new technologies and make upstream changes rather than making changes specifically so that their updates are available for all Linux distributions.

History of Fedora

The Fedora Project was launched in late 2003 after the discontinuation of Red Hat Linux. Of Fedora Linux derives its name from a volunteer project, Fedora Linux. In 2002, Warren Togami started Fedora Linux as an undergraduate project at the University of Hawaii, which later began providing additional software for Red Hat Linux distribution.

The key difference between Fedora Linux and Red Hat Linux approaches is that Fedora's store development is collaborative with the global volunteer community. With this collaborative approach, Fedora Linux became part of the Fedora Project. This was initially disputed by the creators of the unrelated Fedora repository management software; the issue has since been resolved and is now a trademark of Fedora Red Hat.

Current version of Fedora

Fedora released its 32nd version last April. Thousands of Fedora community members and contributors have worked hard to build it. You can download its 32nd version from this link.

Download Fedora 32

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